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Yoga is in, and is everywhere. Million people all over the world practice yoga or they have tried some classes. There are many reasons that so many people go to a yoga class, physical activity ,to increase flexibility, myoskeletal problems, stress management, spiritual search and more.. but what exactly is yoga and what is this journey about?

Yoga is a philosophical system born in India, it is one of the senior sciences of body and spirit, it is holistic approach of human excistance and a way for a balanced living.

It includes a big number of practices and techniques such as asana (physical exercises), pranayama ( breathing exercises), meditation techniques, chanting (repetition of mantras), kriyas (cleansing techniques) and many more.

In the Western culture is mostly known for its physical aspect which is indeed the first part that the practitioner should practice , but in order to taste all the goods of the system he should move into the other aspects also.

The final goal is Samadhi which means enlightenment, the best definition I have heard till now is “ the ability to live in peace with yourself, the other beings and the planet “. In simple words yoga is a tool to raise consciousness, a way to observe yourself and know him better, a psychotherapy, a journey within, or better the ability to really see your soul.



But what really happens when you do yoga? What changes? The first thing is that you rediscover and connect with your body again, you stretch, you sweat, you breath, and when the class ends you feel pure joy. Slowly you start going to more classes and you observe that your way of life is changing.

You don’t want to stay late at night because you have to go to yoga in the morning, your diet changes because suddenly you start to feel which food is good for you or not, you want to hang out with people who have the same interests and sharing the same experiences with you, you have the need the clothes you are wearing to be comfortable and your style comes second, and finally the journey begins, YOU CAN HEAR YOU MORE!!!

Caring, nurturing and loving yourself becomes your priority and you share this gift with others, you care… because we are mirrors. The planet is in crisis because the relationship with the self is in crisis.

Love is the answer and yoga is a tool that will teach you to love again, with no boundaries, no limitations. Spirituality has a meaning right here and right now, to the real world. You haven’t tried yoga yet?


Marianna Thimiaki


Yoga Ruins Your Life – by Richard Freeman

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