Take the quiz to see what type of Yogi you are? Or what type of Yoga suits you!?1 min read

Do you want to go to a yoga lesson, but the thought of a sweaty yogi next to you keeps you in the gym where your personal space is more protected? Or, you do know that doing yoga regularly will be good for you, but you do like a vigorous aerobic workout and all the yoga classes you’ve seen look too slow?

How can you find a practice of yoga that suits your personal preferences, abilities and quirks?

Take this quiz to find the yoga style which suits to your unique personality.

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They are inviting you to a party tonight. You:

At work, the boss asks you to take on a very important last-minute task. You:

A friend calls you on Friday morning and tells you without warning that he will be in town for the weekend. You:

Your ideal vacation is:

Your favourite weekend activity is:


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