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How many times you had a really difficult day and then when the time to sleep came you couldn’t because of hypertension? How many times you had slept for several hours but you woke up tired or your energy levels were low for the rest of the day, or you suffer from headaches? Maybe you are not in a good mood in the last few days or maybe you are trying to lose extra weight using diets and exercise but the scale is not going down… Good sleep is vital for the human organism and if it’s not happening serious problems are created. A well rested body and mind makes us healthier, more efficient, smarter and definitely happier.

Sleeping is an absolutely natural function of our body and it should happen automatically, without resistance and definitely without drugs. Unfortunately at our ages all the amenities that we are provided like television, nights out etc. and of course high stress levels have affected dramatically this natural function. From official statistics of the American Union of Neurologists 1 out of 3 people at West suffer from occasionally sleeping problems with the 2/3 of them being women. In only one year 120.000.000 Americans asked for help from their doctor and of course they got a prescription for sleeping pills, 120.000.000 official prescriptions in one year… unbelievable?

An absolutely natural function for many people has been evolved into an everyday nightmare and as a result it has created a fertile ground for multiple problems to their general health (body, mind and spirit).


Ayuverdic science gives some general advice that will help you face the problem or even if you don’t have a problem they will make your sleep better:

1) Don’t eat and then sleep at once. Especially the people that work for several hours and are coming home late, they take their last meal and after a while they go exhausted to bed. And Of course there also the night raids to the refrigerator…. Keep a security distance of 2 to 3 hours between food and sleep. Everything is a matter of habit and you will also wont get any extra useless calories.

2) Prepare a hot relaxing drink that nature gives to us, for example chamomile, linden, sage or a some herbal mix and add a some honey. You will also find in the market already prepared Ayuverdic mixes but I would go for the herbs that grow in the area instead.

3) Shut down all the screens at least half an hour before you go to bed. The human brain is programmed to wake up with light. The classical habit of falling asleep in front of the TV or bringing my smart phone to bed and scrolling down in social media until I am sleepy it tells my brain to do the exact opposite function. A book is a better companion an it’s not confusing our natural system.

4) Buy an essential oil with a smell that relaxes you, lavender is always a good choice, and place it on your bedside table. Massage yourself, your hands and your feet before you fall asleep. It is a really good way to calm down and take care of yourself, it is an act of love forthe most important creature in the planet, you!

5) Leave on the chair your clothes together with your thoughts. It is common to lay in bed and start thinking the whole day that passed, all the stresses pass in front of us at the most unsuitable times. Say no, this is not the proper time, but of course this is not always easy. A really good and easy exercise instead of counting sheep is to observe your breath. Place your hands on your belly and feel it inflating and deflating like there is a balloon inside. Continue by trying to create equal inhalation and exhalation, for as much time I inhale, I exhale the same, start by counting to 4 and progressively you can increase it. The breathing function has been proved that it is connected with feelings, as long as I am in control of my breath, I can also control my mind to a certain degree. Abdominal breathing is a relaxing breath.

6) The ideal hour to sleep or start preparing yourself for sleeping according to Ayurveda is at 10. Try it out at least one time and observe how much more rested you will feel when you wake up. If you sleep late at night, even if it is for many hours you will probably wake up feeling tired.


Sleeping is one of the most basic functions of human organism. During at our times we are constantly pushed to neglect the most basic things and we end up living a life that’s completely out of balance. Sleeping as with eating, a nice walk under the sun or a hug should be our priorities and not squeezed in our daily schedule. Give them the vital time they need to your basic everyday needs, as your health is the most important responsibility you have, your body is your vehicle on Earth and when you get sick it may be a little bit late to realise it.

Create small rituals during the day for your basic needs and your body, your mind &your spirit will give it back to you tenfold!


Sweet Dreams!


Marianna Thimiaki




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