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Every time i go for a walk at Rematia in Chalandri i remember my childhood. It is a place that is directly connected to my early years, i was lucky enough to have it in my routine as i grew up in the neighbourhood. It is an oasis inside the city desert, ideal for discharging walks, for a breath of fresh air in the hot days of the summer, it is excellent for our four-legged friends, to run & socialise, and even for our yoga practice, as there are many spots that we can place our mat and do our practice in a natural environment.

Another reason for us to visit Rematia is the open theatre, the Evripidio Theater Rematias of Chalandri. All the performances i have watched there were unforgettable. Not only for the reason that they were good, but because every time i realise the size of our cultural inheritance and more specific the theatre. We are blessed enough to live in a country that nearly in every neighbourhood, at every provincial city and at many villages there are open theatres. We have the unique opportunity to enjoy performances under the stars on the summer nights with a background of natural sights & great beauty.

Every summer (from July to September) it is organised from the municipality of Chalandri the Festival Rematias-Solidarity Nights, that it has cultural and social character. It includes events from all the spectrum of performing arts (theatre, music, dance, and mixed shows), most of them have free entrance and the audience is only invited to contribute with food, medicines and other first aid products for the Social Grocery of the municipality, the Social Medical Ally of Chalandri and the solidarity structures for refugees. For the full schedule of Festival Rematias check the following link: http://www.theatrorematias.gr/

Not only there will be famous artists joining their forces, but also Festival Rematias gives the opportunity to young artists and groups to present their work. The “Our Festival 4” is about an alternative festival of group artists that includes theatre, music, dance, cinema, kid performances & workshops for all ages. This is the 4th year that this act takes place in the framework of the festival and invites the interested parties to come closer actively with the aid of art. It will take place from 27/7 to 1/8 at the theatre of Rematia. For the full schedule of the theatre of Rematias check the following link: http://festivalrematias-halandri.blogspot.com/2018/06/festival-4.html.

For us that we are still in Athens it absolutely worth’s the effort to be there, have a nice walk and combine it with a theatrical performance, a concert or an art workshop. Especially if you have kids it is a good opportunity for them to spend their time creatively and be in contact with art, using their holidays free time creatively.

The event will become Dionysian if we choose to visit on the 27th of July during the full moon.



Irianna Dragona


Some words about Irianna Dragona:

Irianna Dragona is a theater conductor and performer. Her theatrical practice is focused on Body Theater as well as on using objects. Her interest on teaching and the social aspect of theater, led her to her Postgraduate studies on Applied Theater. She has worked as a theater conductor in London and Athens with groups of children of diffent ages in and out of school, as well as theatrical animater at educational adult courses.

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