Revival Sankalpa Day by 4moms – The Power of my Hearts Intention2 min read

“Τhe power of the Universe will come to your assistance if your heart and mind are in Unity.” –

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Maybe it crossed your mind that this year things will be better, that you will make the changes you always wanted, or that maybe you’ll let go of behaviours that hold you back… The beginning of the season is always a good opportunity to ask myself and channel my energy towards the goal I choose. How would you feel if I tell you that you can be the architect of your life?

The seeds that you plant now, will bloom today or within the next year. Everyday, every breath is an opportunity to destroy everything that is around us, but it is also an opportunity to start over!

In yogic philosophy we define the word Sankalpa as the intention of our heart. The more important and truthful is our desire, the faster it goes, the more clear is our intention better the results! Learning to use Sankalpa we practise to focus on what we need to do to succeed in our goal, and also how to send our energy in the right direction. Many yogis offer the energy of their practice on the good of another person, or for the general good (peace, harmony, love). This way the practice becomes a ritual, a sacred act, a prayer.

So, we invite you at an Event(find the link  here) devoted to goals, to the ability of listening to my heart, to know what I want and how to succeed on it. Am i really conscious on what I really want? For what my heart beats? Are my actions aligned with my goal? It is your birth right from your first day on Earth to live happy, you have everything you need from the time you took your first breath. Use it! As a consequence the happiness of the individual brings happiness overall! And the planet needs you! 

Modern yogi team will be there with there with yoga classes, vegan recipes and full of our good energy!!!! Together with and acclaimed teachers, speakers, workshops, ecomarket and other acts we will approach the new season setting our personal intentions but also directing our intention for the collective good! Together we can do more, we can make it better!

“When you say something with your whole being it can change the world.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

See you there!


Check the video from the past Event:



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