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I know Chryssa since she was a small girl, a very good friend and schoolmate of my little sister. I recall a beautiful tawny girl always smiling, very popular and teaser! Everyone wanted to be a friend of Chryssa and everyone wished to attend her parties. Dynamic, cool, gifted with a great sense of humour, she was the image of life joy and positive energy. She was the soul of the whole group.  The small girl as she grew up, has proved how much talented she really is.I

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Certified of Psychology (University of Athens), she graduated from Drama School of Athens, and she completed the postgraduate diploma in London at RADA (2001-2002) in theatre direction.  In 2014 she finished the two years seminar in the theatre Porta of Xenia Kalogeropoulou, for the theatre in the Education.

She worked in the theatre as a production manager, an actress and as a director assistant with George Michailidis, Tasos Bantis, Vikos Nahmias, Kostas Kazakos, Tasos Ratzos, Viktoras Arditis, with the Central Theatre of North Greece, many Public Peripheral Theatres and in the  free theatre.

I admire her as she is a real fighter, always standing whatever is going on, with great passion and love for life and the things she does.

The theatre team ‘Small South’ – it is her creation since 2012 – gets inspired and finds its themes from our greek folks tales and the Aesop Myths and brings them on stage with modern approach materialising shows for children.  Alternative theatrical approaches, humour, live music, emotions and interaction are all common features of Small South theatre plays. 

The aim of ‘Small South’ is double: firstly the children meet all this Greek  folk treasure  and through the tales and stories start to know themselves and then the world around them, secondly the children discover their place and their position in all the things that happen inside and around them.

“The last 50 years, our Greek ethics, customs and traditions that had been kept through centuries, and were precious for our identity as a population but also an amusement source and reason for families gatherings, have been lost  Chryssa Diamantopoulou realizes.

The ‘Small South’ supports the teachers work offering inspiration and tools. It uses Educational Drama authorities, aiming to childrens balanced and integrated growth as individuals and as members of a social group. Teachers and parents meet the theatre art. “As we say during our shows addressing to the children: you understand better our stories that is why we need your help to find out what our stories heroes think and the truth that is hidden in every story’  Chryssa Diamantopoulou says.

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The ‘Small South’ is above all its people. Tasos Ratzos is the director of the folk tales, Petros Damoulis is the music director and  Flora Spyrou is philologist expert in the theatre in the Education. They are all permanent partners of the team, who work daily with care, passion deep knowledge and experience. The team has also talented skilled actors, who are educated systematically by specialists with seminars on educational drama, learning musical instruments,  animation mask, phonetics, kinesiology in order to be able to respond to high demands theatre such as the theatre for children.

Chryssa Diamantopoulou has taken over the artistic management, the new ideas and the whole care of the team.

It comes at schools, at events and …. wherever children are!

Interactive shows with live music, imaginative theatre props, and innovative musical instruments, with an integrated envelope with educational tools for before and after the show.

Organised school shows -group reservations: 210 3803197 (contact on Monday to Friday 9am-4pm)

Organised company events, festivals, parties: 6973 45388

www.mikrosnotos.gr | www.facebook.com/MikrosNotos | info@mikrosnotos.gr


The ‘ Small South’ has returned for the 7th coming year with 6 interactive theatre plays with live music and themes from our folk traditions with fresh approach, long experience, knowledge and true love. They are all theatre plays  from its repertoire that have been loved during these years. This school season  2018-2019 is the last one that you can enjoy them. Next year the team is preparing a new repertoire with many surprises. 

Small South plays the six following shows:  the mill woman, το Aesop Comics! ΚoukoumplisMonths all aroundAesop…friends  and Τhe sweetest bread.

The show ” Months all around” : we know customs, games, musics and traditions, as we play with the tale ” Mrs Good and the 12 months” in a show that is changing as the months and seasons change in the nature….

  • Institute Michalis Kakogiannis  (Pireos str 206, Tavros)
  • Movie theatre every Sunday at 12am
  • DURATION75 min | TICKET PRICE: 10 euro, group tickets : 8 euro
  • RESERVATIONS :210 3418579 and 6946 114200  – Pre – selling: at the Institute ‘s cash desks- at mcf.gr – Ticket Services & Public
  • DURING WEEK DAYS AT THE INSTITUTE at 10.30am or at the school  upon coordination.
  • Organized shows – group reservations –  Teachers invitations: 210 3803197


The show “Aesop … friends”: a contemporary approach of Aesop Myths having friendship as the core: The Lion and the Mouse, The Liar Shepherd,  The Fox and the Grapes, The Two Friends and the Bear.

Familiar and original myths, deeply rooted in our traditions meet the children in an imaginative show with action, humour, interaction and live music instruments.

  • Theatre Stathmos – Child Stage
  • Viktoros Ougo 55, (Metro station: Metaxourgio)
  • From 7th October 2018 till the 21st April 2019
  • Every Sunday at 12am and during the week for schools only 
  • DURATION: 80 min  Ticket Price:10 euro ( over 10ppl, group ticket: 8 ευρώ)
  • Reservations: 210 5230267 and 6973 453881              
  • Organised shows for schools and teachers contact: 210 3803197


The following shows come at the schools, at events …. and wherever children are:

The Koukoumplis

Three Greek traditional tales ( The Koukoumplis, The sweetest bread and The princess and the salt), in one show for the bread life circle and the values that warm our route, with live music (flute, lute).

The sweetest bread

An educational action for the bread circle. The children knead with the traditional way, follow the tale action – with live music (lute, flute) traditional songs – take part in interactive games based on the Educational Drama and at the end they taste their own handmade bread.

Aesop…. comics! 

Aesop myths that remind us in action the comics! A show that is about bravery, violence, anger and love with unpredictable changes, interaction games and live music (drums, guitar, baglamas, glockenspiel, music pot). The cicada and the ant, The hare and the turtle, The fox and the crow, The north and the sun, The country mouse and the city mouse. 



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