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I was always moved by human relationships. In the yoga path the most important relationship is the one we build with ourselves, and it is absolutely true that whatever happens, at many situations that we deal with in our life we are on our own, as much support as we have from our partner, our family, our friends in a way we are separate from the others. The people who are attracted from the yoga practice are searching for a better self, a healthier body, a calm mind or even better for that light that burns inside of all of us. But, the higher form of yoga, the evolution of all this personal work is finally the way we connect with others.

When you enter your first yoga class slowly your world starts changing, you may feel really happy because you managed to stand on your head, or because finally your bridge pose happened. And, who else except your yoga-buddie can truly understand your feelings of absolute joy. You start to hang out with people who start their day with tea, that drink all day green juices and eat seeds and nuts in an effort to take care of their body, they maybe wake up really early in the morning to do their practice in order to start their day this way. Isn’t this a good influence? Another boost to your journey to a better self?

I remember myself when I decided that I wanted to teach. The feeling and the need to share this gift with others was so intense, I need to share all the details about the change I felt in my body and in my soul. I wanted with all my heart other people to feel as beautiful as I felt! As I said earlier, I was always moved by human relationships, but the more my journey goes on, the more I realize the need for unity, our moral obligation to feed and help each other and travel higher together. Is there a better place for this to happen than in the yoga community?

I teach a mysore class the last years and I enjoy so much (although I tell them all the time to not talk to each other) when a new student comes to class, over 3-4 times and he don’t remember the next pose from the series, how happy and willing everybody is to whisper or make hand gestures behind my back from the other side of the room and help out with the next pose. An amazing group of people who have become friends and truly care for each other.

As in other parts of our life, the same way in yoga you will meet people who care more about gossip, personal interest, money, their ego and all this nice things. Don’t look for angels, we are just human beings… But don’t waste your energy on that, keep your faith on people, be strong and stable. You can be the good friend that is really happy because his friend finally stood on his head. You can be the one that asks why the girl from the mat next to yours didn’t came to class for the whole week. You can be the one that brings some extra from this amazing protein nuts you just discovered so the others can try.

Friendship is one of the most important relationships in our lives. They say that friends are the family we choose. This week I challenge you to make a nice gesture for your yoga friend! If you don’t have one maybe it’s time, or to take an old friend to the class with you so he can try for the first time. If nothing from the above happens do something nice to the person that sits to the mat next to you.

Moreover this site started like this, through friendships that started on a yoga mat, evolved and became creative.

Irini & Anthony Love U guys!


Marianna Thimiaki



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