10 tips to add nutrional value to your meals2 min read

  • Add 1-2 table spoons of millet or quinoa or amaranth into your legumes soups ( chickpeas, beans, lentils). They become more thick amd more filling. Moreover you offer yourself  high quality plant based protein.
  • Do not combine lentils or spinach with cheese because their iron contain competes with the calcium contain of cheese for which one will be absorbed by the human body. For better iron absorption, you should combine this kind of  food with a source of vitamin C, for example lemon juice or after food you should eat a fruit like kiwi, orange, mandarin, grapefruit. A good idea for your greens or spinach pie is to add  bulgur or trachana.
  • Use wholewheat pasta or from dicoccum Zeas or from legumes that are rich in compound carbs and proteins too.
  • If you insist using the usual white pasta, then combine them with salad or raw vegetables as they are rich in fibre which delays the digestion of plain carbs and thus they stop the abrupt increase of glucose blood  levels and the analogous insulin discharge that fatigues the pancreas, and so the fat storage.
  • Avoid the roasted and salted nuts, as they are roasted at 200 degrees, they become harmful and indigestible. When they are consumed raw and unsalted, especially after soaking they are more digestible and nutrient.
  • Try new types of flours for the various home bakings: cakes, biscuits, pancakes and others makings. You can find a big variety in the organic stores. The almond flour is perfect for banana bread, the buckwheat flour makes awesome gluten free pancakes, whereas carob flour offers a sweet taste and a chocolate colour in whatever you make with.
  • Eat many seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid the processed snacks and have always in your bag an organic fruit or some raw nuts with raisins from Korinthos.
  • Reduce coffee, tea, and processed beverages from super markets and offer to yourself a beverage from a mixture of your favorite herbs from the Greek countryside, especially in the afternoon and later: dittany, mountain tea, linden tea, sage, verbena and many others.
  • Avoid drinking water during meals, it is allowed till one hour before meals and after one hour and half after meals.




Irini Katrava

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