Refresh your Body, Mind, and Soul with these 7 Tips3 min read

Ashtanga yoga can be a demanding practice, it requires your presence six times per week and through this process, you learn a lot of things about your body (and not only)! One of the first things I noticed was that some days I have a lot of energy on my yoga practice, and then I have the extra energy to conquer the world, and some other days I can’t do anything. Some days my mind is very focused and I am super happy, and other days my mind runs to other places far away and my mood goes with it.

That’s how I started my journey into a healthier lifestyle and observing what works for me and what doesn’t. Or as we say in Yoga, what fills me with Prana (vital energy). Below I will give you 7 tips that give me wings! These few things give me a strong and vibrant body, a calm and focused mind, and finally a beautiful, productive day!

1. Start your day with a fantastic, colorful, and nutritious smoothie.

If you start your day with a super healthy breakfast you have a much better chance of continuing to eat properly until the evening! You have also taken enough nutrients to give a boost to your body and that is already improving your mood! We are what we eat!

2. Do some type of exercise almost every day!

There are no excuses, even 15 minutes, instead of “scrolling down” on social media, put your mat on the floor and start! Some sun salutations are enough to activate your system, exercise among other things is a natural antidepressant, reduces stress, and helps us to have mental balance.

3. Add 5 fruits a day to your diet, and as many superfoods, as you can.

For example seeds (flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, chia, etc.), pollen, honey, tahini, and whatever else you like. You can put them in your salads, in your breakfast smoothie, or replace your toast with one of the above! You will feel the same, maybe even fuller but lighter and full of energy!

4. Meditate for at least 5 minutes.

Give your mind time to rest, relax, and concentrate. Meditation has many benefits, there are many techniques, and you will definitely find one that suits you. Consult a teacher you trust and put meditation into your life. It is a must in our busy lives.

5. Stay away from toxic people as much as you can.

You most likely know who drains your energy, keep yourself at a distance. This way, you are protected and they will be forced to search and find their own source of energy!

6. Get 8 hours of sleep!

Make a nice relaxing hot herb to drink, read a book before bed, avoid the screen for the last half hour, and enjoy the gift of sleep, leaving all your problems for the next day. Sleep is sacred, it is health, it is life. Rest, you deserve it.

7.Whenever you can go for a walk in nature.

In order to ground, to breathe, to connect. Being in constant contact with the unnatural environment of the city deregulates us and drains our energy.

Start by slowly adding these habits to your daily routine one by one so you can stick on them, and enjoy the results! Because above all, as BKS Iyengar says:

“Your body is your temple, keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”


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