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I really like September, I love September since I was a child, new season, new beginnings, new goals. When I was a child and the new school season began I always had this enthusiasm and this tingling in my stomach, that this year I will make everything possible, I used to buy my new notebooks, I covered carefully with cellophane my new books and I was preparing myself with joy for the upcoming brand new season. I grew up since then, but I still have the same feeling, my internal fire burns in the place where my heart lives and every September I feel that I can succeed in whatever I desire like I am writing in a blank page and nothing can stop me if I want September I can conquer the world. What an amazing feeling, right?

Of course, we don’t need September, because every months, every day, every minute we can start over, only if we want it, we can imagine it and put it into action! But it is always a good opportunity in the beginning of the season.

One of the goals of Yoga is to realize our perfection, the completeness of our being and that we can succeed on whatever we want, it is the duty of every human being to realize his perfection, his special talents, his power and express it for the good of his self and after that for the planet. We are all unique and necessary at this cosmic dance called life, what we have to do is to find why we are here; In the yogic philosophy, this is called dharma, meaning the sacred goal of your existence, the sacred duty of your journey.

Now, how are you going to find your dharma? I think you already know it… Your heart screams it at you with every beat, what you have to do is to silence the mind, the thoughts that are telling you “I can’t, I am scared, I won’t make it”. So, like this, you are going to be ready to listen to your inner voice and follow the path that shows that’s to you.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that raises us up with the feeling that we are not enough, mostly for commercial reasons, you need this dress to look pretty, or you need this car so women will like you, etc. and that’s how the market is moving, in the meantime self-confidence and self-love is diminishing. Oh no, I won’t allow it, neither do you!

Also, patterns are created like: “I can’t do it on my own, I need my partner, my friend, my yoga teacher, someone, any way to deal with my problems, or to do it for me, as my mom and dad did”. All of these are resistances that are expressed in a hidden & sneaky way and essentially I refuse to take responsibility for myself and automatically I sabotage myself, I don’t allow this amazing creature, myself to bloom. This is one of the reasons I insist so much for my students to have a personal practice because they have to learn to manage their yoga on their own, and not be accommodated forever to the teacher.

In our practice, we try to copy the shapes of animals and other forms like deities and rishis so we can embody their qualities. The postures vira badhrasana 1&2 (warrior 1&2) took their name from a mythic warrior created from a lock of hair from the Hindu deity Shiva. So, Shiva needed a warrior to take revenge for his wife’s death, and when he grew angry he threw one of his dreadlocks down to Earth. When Virabhadra landed he took the shape of warrior 1, holding a sword above his head, then he changed his gaze forward and took the shape of warrior 2.

Although his first mission was revenge, later on, he became known as the symbol of dharma, the meaning that good always wins the bad, the personal battles that every one of us gives, we start our journey with pain only to find meaning through our practice and finally to unite with the Collective Consciousness.

A yogi is a peaceful warrior, it is the journey of your personal hero that leads to the center of yourself, instead of searching to distant lands you travel inside your body, rather than mastering a weapon you learn to control your mind! Controlling your mind means that you take the role of your personal hero and change your inner dialogue from weakness to power and grace! You transform into a brave hero and you are ready to fight for the love of yourself, for your dreams that they are your dharma and your purpose on Earth!

When this happens every action flows through your Divine hypostasis and you become a healing power for people and all the living and not living elements of our planet. You complete your dharma.

You are born with a gift, don’t waste it!

Repeat this every day, every minute, I am the hero of my life and work for that!

Cheers to new beginnings!



Marianna Thimiaki


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