Believe in yourself! The Transformation of the Caterpillar into a Butterfly!2 min read

One day in the yard of his house a man found the cocoon of a butterfly. As he was watching it, he noticed a small opening and thought that the butterfly would come out from there. The man watched the cocoon for several hours as the butterfly struggled to pass her body through the little hole. He was trying, trying, until he stopped and no progress seemed anymore.

Then the man, impatient, decided to help the butterfly in her effort. She took a sharp object and carefully opened a hole in the cocoon. The butterfly then came out easily, but her body was swollen and her feathers small and wrinkled. The man continued to watch the butterfly waiting for momentarily that the wings would dry out and open up revealing their beautiful colors. He waited that over time the swollen body would shrink and the butterfly could fly.

But in vain … The butterfly spent the rest of her life poking around her swollen body and shrunken wings. He never managed to fly … What the man, in his kindness and rush, did not understand was that the tight cocoon and the struggle that the butterfly required to get through the tiny opening was the way nature forced the liquid from the body of the butterfly to go to her wings so that they open up to be able to fly!

What in our eyes imagines struggle, difficulty, obstacle, is the process of life to strengthen us so that we can open our wings and express each one’s uniqueness in this life. What he imagines as help from others sometimes is only an avoidance of strength and belief in ourselves.

Self-confidence and trust in ourselves come as we decide to exercise the power of will and through small or large conscious choices to act against the gravity of “familiar old habits” and take responsibility for ourselves.

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