The First Days with My Baby2 min read

It is true that the first days with the baby are demanding, the breastfeeding, insomnia, to coordinate with her, the stress for the baby to gain weight, to recover from childbirth, the hormones, your new role, a crazy situation in general. For me, none of this was difficult, pregnancy, yes, it was a difficult period, tedious. But life with my baby is something magical from day one! The smell of her, our contact, the crying, the moments I just look at her, the breastfeeding, the endless hugs, the calmness that the contact with me offers to her, and to me even more, all that and much more is the most valuable thing has happened to me. A journey over the rainbow!
So I was wondering, what is this feeling that children offer you when you are around them? What is this energy that changes your whole being? I noticed how much my husband’s behavior and mine had changed. Our daily lives are now covered with children’s songs and lullabies, funny faces and baby voices. Full return to our childhood !!!
The same goes for any relative or friend who meets my baby. I even notice it in strangers I meet on the street. As long as they are with her, the child that everyone hides inside him comes to the surface without a trace of shame, suddenly springs up without any hesitation, without a second thought. They dig out whatever they can remember from their own childhood, memories of something deeply forgotten in their souls, something that was always there but there was simply no room to express it. It’s like something inside them is softening, sweetening, their eyes are shining, it as if their inside self is cleaning, like something is healing.
This is how I spend my days, finding, and perhaps knowing from the beginning the child hiding in me all these years. My days are like water, traveling over the rainbow!


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