I Hear You! An Alternative Way to Meditate2 min read

How different would our world be if we listened a little bit more? In New York, they say that half of the people are talking and the other half are waiting to speak. They’re supposed to be joking, but it’s probably closer to the truth. And this certainly happens not only in New York but also in our home, at work or with our friends.

You don’t have to sit on a pillow away from other people in all your meditations. You can learn to meditate or direct your attention and consciousness on any occasion: in the office, with your family members, or even with the bank clerk.

This meditation helps you learn to listen to others with full attention.


  • It teaches you to listen with awareness
  • It contributes to the consciousness of your psyche
  • Reduces egocentrism


Practice when your communication with others is not good.


Choose a person that you would like to have better communication. Before you meet it, envision it with your imagination. Take a few slow breaths and feel that space is being created inside you for something new. Consider that this person is just like you, that is, he wants to be happy and not suffer.


  1. When you meet the person you have chosen, make sure that only the two of you will discuss. Ask him a question.
  2. When he answers you, try not to anticipate what he will say or start thinking about what to say to him. Try to listen carefully to what the other person is saying with their voice, emotions, and body language. Try not to judge or project yourself or your ideas on what the other person is transmitting to you.
  3. Notice how much more you listen when you give the other person this kind of focused and favorable attention. Notice if this improves the quality of your relationships.


I wish you good practice!


Source: “The Meditation Bible” Madonna Gauding

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