International Earth Day in the middle of Quarantine2 min read

This year, International Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and finds us confined to our homes due to the pandemic.

Most flights have been suspended since mid-March, public transport has been restricted, cars have been parked under houses, ships have been moored in ports, many factories are underperforming, most work has stopped, the planet has calmed down and the destruction caused by modern human life.

Even access to parks or gardens in the city, adjacent mountains, and even swimming on remote beaches is prohibited. This year, more than ever, we realize how inextricably linked we are to Mother Earth and how precious our contact with nature is for our physical, mental and mental health.

In this Mother Earth on which most of us walk with pride considering that we can exploit its resources without discrimination and for our benefit, I find refuge every time my mind is confused, my heart is heavy and my soul is sad. Every time I want to clear my mind, but also when I want to be inspired, to calm down, to praise, to praise the Maker, I run to her.

And she accepts me as the mother who forgives her children no matter how many mistakes they make and opens her arms to accept me and offer me everything I need.

As a great feeder that is richly offered the food I eat, the water that cools and quenches my thirst, the air I breathe and caresses my face, the ground to stand and move on with my life, the forests that offer oxygen, shade, and beauty, the sea, the lakes, the rivers, the springs, the plants, the herbs, the flowers, the colors, the scents, the clouds, the rain.

And now that travel is limited, I look forward to the moment I find myself in the nearby forest, among fields, vineyards or olive groves, on the vast beach of Caiaphas or by the lake. All I have to do is step on the ground, breathe the scents of spring, touch a tree, hear the birds chirping, stare at the horizon to let go of all tension, every tightness of my body, every worry from my mind. , every sorrow from my heart and to feel light, happy and blessed.

Because Mother Earth has a tremendous ability to embrace, accept and transform anything negative, sick, infectious. She always finds a way to balance even if it takes millions of years to succeed.

To you sweet and compassionate Mother, mother of all my ancestors and all the generations that will follow after me, I owe a SORRY and a great THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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