A Meditation for Mother Earth2 min read

We spend a lot of time in our car, indoors, on asphalted roads and paved sidewalks. It is very important from time to time to be in contact with our mother, the Earth. You will also hear it often as earthing ή grounding.

Earth with the literal meaning of the term, soil and grass holds us, supports us and nourishes us like a mother. She is there, always faithful to her appointment to support us in every step, in every decision we make, unselfish. We survive because it provides us with food and water. The natural connection with Mother Earth contributes to strengthening the body and relaxing the mind. He urges us to recognize our interconnection with the rest of the Universe. Standing barefoot on her “body” can be particularly therapeutic in times of great anxiety or alienation. The delightful feeling of the elastic soil and the soft green grass that squeezes between our toes stimulates us from top to toe. At the same time, you will feel a deep relaxation as it slowly fades away.


  • It connects us naturally to Earth
  • It helps in grounding our thoughts and feelings
  • It stimulates and at the same time relaxes our body and mind
  • It eliminates anxiety and a sense of loneliness


Do this meditation out of the house, with pleasant weather and throughout the daylight, whenever you feel very disconnected, alone or not-loved.


Locate a quiet area with grass, away from traffic and other noises.



1. Step barefoot on the grass. Find a plateau where you can stand off the trees. Stand with your legs open to the width of your shoulders and let your hands hang loosely on your sides. Breathe gently and deeply for a few minutes.

2. Visualize powerful energy running through your spine up and down and then, through your feet, to leave the earth. Stay with this energy as it moves to your spine and legs. Imagine now that it lengthens and extends through your feet deep into the ground and for miles deep in the earth.

3. Now imagine that Mother Earth’s nutritional energy is coming back through your soles and rising from your legs in your spine. Feel the energy flowing inside of you, relaxing and revitalizing your body and mind.

4. Enjoy this energy exchange for as long as you like. When you feel ready, lie down in the grass with your hands and your feet away from your body and relax.

Source: The Meditation Bible  Madonna Gauding


Marianna Thimiaki


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