The One Year Journey with Modern Yogi3 min read

One year ago, in a hospital room where I wish none of you and for any reason never be there, Modern Yogi was born.

Marianna was from the first people who visited me after surgery. As my yoga teacher and a very close friend, we had been through various challenges together walking into our common path. The truth is that something like this happened for our first time. It was a tough week. From those when suddenly you lose the ground below your feet, visiting a doctor casually on a Monday morning for something simple as you believe and on Saturday you end up in a surgery room after a welter of medical tests with the sign ‘ very urgent ‘, unfed because a knot in your throat and a fist in your stomach do not allow you to eat anything and white as a ghost because the bad thoughts and even worse scenarios don’t let you sleep for the whole week.

In her attempt to make me forgot what was going on, she started to recall all the things we had been dreaming about, doing things together such as a yoga school with an organic shop with vegan smoothies and delicacies, exotic trips for yoga and wellbeing retreats, meeting our favorite yoga teachers. So why do not start with a site where we would share with all of you our experiences, feelings, knowledge, discoveries during our common journey. It was her idea. You see, girlfriends never stop dreaming, regardless of their age!

I couldn’t deny, maybe because of the narcosis but I couldn’t resist her excitement too, as I can’t resist yoga the last eight years. This is the best about having younger friends: they fill you with their energy and their passion to dream!

Hard weeks followed at home. I tried to see them as a training period: how to find joy in the simple daily life waiting for the results of the medical tests and recovering from a difficult surgery. Not easy at all! Nevertheless, my family, my very close friends, my prayers, a few good books, nice music playing all day from my favorite radio station, colorful flower bouquets, and Modern Yogi planning were all the sweet memories during this tough, in all the other ways, period.

The results of the medical tests were, thank God, the ones we all prayed for and I feel very blessed and lucky for this. One year later, only one big surgery mark has been left to remind me of this adventure, which I have learned to love it as a part of myself, even though I couldn’t look at it during the first days.

Modern Yogi has been a great company for me during the last weird for other reasons too, year.  It unblocked me several times from my daily routine, whereas the preparation and sharing of my articles with you, has been also a useful educational and psychotherapeutic experience.

I have started my journey into healthy nutrition for almost thirty years, however, my turn into the vegetarian, dairy-free, and unprocessed (as less as possible) food world happen the last three years. I did it as an act of affection towards myself because the way we eat is the way we love ourselves. Now I have trained myself to make my meals and my family’s too more nutritious with a few tips that I will share with you in one of my future articles.

Modern Yogi for me is a submission of love and truth, my own truth and I thank you all from my heart for your bear hug!



Irini Katrava

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