Meditation and “Solutions” with a Beautiful Walk2 min read

Sometimes the difficult problems are easier to solve if you make a beautiful solitary walk. The meditation that takes place while you walk will help you refine your thoughts. It will help you release stress, connect with nature and yourself and it is the easiest and most accessible way for everyone to exercise. It is not a coincidence that in our times everyone is out running or walking, it is a fashion that came from the need of the people for all the above.

Physical motion gives energy. Walking helps to relieve stagnant energy, promotes better circulation, relaxes the tight joints, and encourages creative thinking. If you have a problem, try to take a long walk and focus your mind on the possible solution options.


  • It promotes movement as a way of solving problems.
  • It helps you unravel how you feel.
  • Helps you organize your topics


If you have long meditated on a problem and you can not find a solution, then try walking meditation.


Dress properly and wear comfortable shoes. If you think you will need it, take a bottle of water with you. Choose a route that will take you about an hour to finish, ideally in a park, forest or somewhere with trees around you.


1. Start your walk by focusing on your breath for five minutes, so your mind will calm down and concentrate on walking.

2. Bear in mind the problem that you may not be able to solve. Envision that every step you make brings you closer to one solution. Then focus on your dilemmas. For example, if you are not sure you should be back to work because something in this space is pressuring you or it is hard for you, imagine for five or ten minutes that you are back to work. See what is the feeling for your body and mind is.

3. For the next five or ten minutes, make the decision not to go back to this job. Watch out for your sense of body and mind.

4. Now for the rest of your walk, call a third unknown solution to appear. For example, in addition to going or not going to work, another suggestion would be to start a training course or some form of exercise. Be receptive to a creative surprise.

5. Repeat daily until the solution comes to you.

Have a good practice!

Source: The Meditation Bible  Madonna Gauding


Marianna Thimiaki




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