How Yoga Made Me A Better Mother3 min read

Fortunately, my relationship with Yoga began 10 years before I became a mother. With a clear mind now, I am writing down the 5 most important lessons I learned through the contact with Yoga that make me the mother I am today:

1. I’m breathing so I’m invicible

Breathing is the energy required for movement. As much as I cultivate the perception of breathing in my life, as much as this involuntary function becomes completely conscious, the more I realize the power of being healthy. Awareness of breathing in every part of the body, as cultivated through meditation, is an amazing power. There are times when I feel this explosive energy, not only in my body but also in my thoughts and soul. I practically feel like I can do everything. I also teach this awareness to my girls: take a deep breath and you will succeed.

2. I go with the flow

Not all days are the same in motherhood. Some days joy and ease are abundantly diffused while other days everything goes in the opposite direction of what was planned. So is the practice of Yoga. There are those days when the body moves with flexibility and strength in every transition, the energy of the lesson is transmitted to my heart and entices a wave of emotions, the thoughts are filtered and the mind is reborn. But I learned that there are also those days when all parts of my body just want to stay in savasana, the eyes are sealed and the mind does not want to execute any command, and that this is very acceptable.

3. Patience is a virtue

If there is one thing that can put you in the pantheon of good parents, it is patience. There is not a single beautiful memory that does not have this magical ingredient in it. I learned patience purely from Yoga. I learned to listen to my body and move step by step through difficult asanas and difficult philosophical concepts. As a mother, I learned to give children time, I learned to wait for them, I learned to endure fatigue, sleepless nights when my daughters have the flu, micro-whims, and weirdness because they also have a personality, the free time to come to meet with my husband.

4. My body has changed forever and I don’t mind

In addition to the normal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, the severity of the senses and endurance changes. Caring for a baby (let alone two at a time), longing to see them grow without any issues, and the lack of sleep change day by day how the body’s cells feel, individually and as a whole. The contact with the Yoga mat, this precious personal space of one square meter is as much as I need to enjoy a pleasant stretch, find comfort in a twist, and learn in-depth what my body wants in order to feel good. Yoga is not just a physical exercise: it is acceptance of the body and appreciation for all that it can accomplish.

5. In order to raise children that are whole, you must first be whole

Whatever our status as mothers in relation to our work, our free time and our presence at home, there are always those moments when time ends so quickly and we feel that it is not enough for our own desires. Its time to put an end to it and take time for ourselves.


I regained my relationship with Yoga a few months after giving birth, with many regrets because I felt I was depriving my children of time. I quickly realized that the opposite was happening: I was coming back with double the energy, good mood and I could actually have a good time with them. Self-sacrifice has given its place to the priority of myself. We are an example for our children and we must make them feel safe by seeing us physically and mentally healthy so that they can create strong roots and wings to fly.

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