Gluten Free Multigrain Bread from The Vegan Fairies2 min read

The gluten-free bread with oat and grains by Vegan Fairies is not only easily eaten, but also very nutritious, tasteful and filling compared to the ones you can find in the market that are not eaten – to my opinion. The most important is that it is handmade by YOU!!

I tasted in a Vegan Fairies gluten-free workshop and I got very excited! Since then I make it to my home. I cut it into slices after it got cold well, I maintain them into the freezer and I take out every morning, the slices we will need throughout the day.

You will need:

Organic psyllium powder is a nutrition supplement, a natural cathartic with rich content in fiber and colloidal, that can absorb very big amounts of water relating to their weight and form a gel into the intestinal duct. This gel encourages good intestine mobility, promoting its cleaning and detoxification. Psyllium use does not cause addiction. It helps to deal with the constipation symptoms, whereas it offers a fullness feeling and reduces the food desire, contributing in the process of losing weight.

(It is advised to ask always your doctor before the use of a nutrition supplement)


  • Mix the cashews, almonds, oat, and the buckwheat into the mixer till they become flour.
  • Add the rest ingredients into our flour: the chia seeds, psyllium powder, the pumpkin seeds, and the coconut oil. Toss them all very well with your hand.
  • Leave the mixture to get rest for almost 20 minutes and place it in an oblong and tall cake pan (for example 21 x 11,5 cm) spread with coconut oil or covered with baking papers (read the extra tip).
  • Press the mixture lightly with wet fingers and help it fit well into the cake pan.
  • Sprinkle it with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and oat flakes.
  • Bake it in a preheated oven at 175 degrees for 2,5 hours or even more depending on your oven.
  • Leave it to get cold very well before you take it carefully out from the cake pan.

Extra tip: use two pieces of baking paper making a cross, one piece of baking paper along the big dimension of the baking pot and long enough to come out of edges of the pot and the other piece along the small dimension with the same way in order to take out the bread from the pot easily without its corners get destroyed.

Good luck!

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