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At N. Plastira 29 street of Nea Erithraia (northern suburb of Athens), there is a small but very cute place full of vegan delicacies, healthy raw vegan sweets, amazing vegan ice creams, refreshing acai bowls, vegan birthday cakes (only via pre-order), salty snacks and light small vegan meals.

Everything is handmade by Penny and Alexandra with raw high quality plant based ingredients without any refined sugar, food colouring’s or preservatives but with much of their fantasy, love and respect for what they do.

I met them as i usually visit their fairy shop to buy my matcha ninja tea (grinded & in teabags), good quality plant based protein powders for my smoothies, special unrefined raw granola and also the lovable coconut bowls.

Moreover they organise very interesting workshops with exciting themes which i attend and i am a big fan of. They are really knowledgeable and ready to share their knowledge & experience with everyone who might want follow or even try a different but healthy diet.

I suggest you visit their vegan fairy shop and i am sure you will find something you will love even if you are not vegan.

The ice cream sticks from cashew cream, the dates with caramel in their centre and their crispy covered bitter chocolate are perfect, capable to be served as a desert plate of the best gourmet restaurants!!!


The Vegan Fairies suggest for the summer:

A simple summer smoothie which will travel you to virgin, white beaches with crystal clear waters and a background of thousands palm trees, thanks to the exotic and delicious mango!

Ingredients (2 Cups):

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 mango
  • 1 nectarine
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 handfuls of ice



Mix all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Serve in your favourite glass, drink a sip and the journey begins!


If you did like the summer smoothie, you can find even more smoothie recipes on the Vegan Fairies Blog:

You can also find food recipes from the Vegan Fairies on the following Link:

If you would like to deepen your cooking knowledge you can also take part at one of their workshops:


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Irini Katrava & The Vegan Fairies


Get to know the story of Alexandra & Penny and their space: The Vegan Fairies

Our acquaintance, our friendship and finally our cooperation is really what we say – it was meant to be.

We met through yoga: Alexandra was my teacher and me Penny was her student.

Our love for the vegan lifestyle and our passion for nutrition & recipes is what brought us together.

We both had the same dream, to share with the world all these experiences and knowledge and of course to continue to learn.

As a result we created our blog “the vegan fairies” and then our space at Nea Erithraia for more recipes and experimentation and direct contact with people who are thirsty to learn to eat better and healthier.



Address: Νικ. Πλαστήρα 29, Νέα Ερυθραία, tel: 2108070858





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