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All around the world millions of people climb! In many countries rock climbing is one of the most well-known sports! From 2020 it will be also an official Olympic sport. Greece is an amazing place for rock climbing much more than other countries proportional to its size, and climbers from all over the world visit our country to climb their rocks. Kalymnos is in the top destinations worldwide.

Why I should start rock climbing?

It is a sport that brings you closer to nature, for the magic of the adventure, it is an amazing way of exercising both physical and mental, you are going to make a lot of new friends,  it is absolutely unique and offers excitement. It increases self-control, self-concentration, strategy and improves a lot your physical state.

Benefits to health:

Improves cardiovascular health, exercises body and spirit, improves muscle mass and reduces fat, cultivates balance and strength, increases self-confidence, builds up fear management, increases, develops decisiveness under difficult circumstances and helps on stress management.

Who can climb?

Rock climbing is addressed to all the people independent of physical condition, age or ability. Anyone can climb as long as they desire it.

Rock climbing and children:

All of us remember ourselves as kids running and jumping around. It is in child’s nature to climb, to fall and stand up again until they are out of energy but with its soul full of happiness and with beautiful memories. It is a sport for children which provides a lot of adventure and low risk in a controlled environment. It is low budget and non-commercial. It teaches bravery, discipline, humbleness, cooperation, trust, connection with nature and we surely can’t forget that rock climbing is super fun!

How can I start?

Rock climbing is an absolutely safe sport if you have the appropriate education and if the safety measures are maintained. You can start in an indoor climbing gym and there are plenty. In a natural environment there are trained schools with certified instructors that take place usually in autumn and in spring in most climbing destinations in Greece.


The world looks prettier from above!



Dimitris Dermentzis & Marianna Thimiaki


About Dimitris Dermentzis:

Dimitris Dermentzis is a Rope access technician and an Electrical engineer in industrial and renewable & energy industries, with a career in Greece and abroad. He is actively involved with mountaineering and rock climbing from 2003. He has done plenty of winter ascents on Greek mountains and many sport and traditional climbing style ascents at the most important climbing crags in Greece. He has also climbed routes with rock, ice and mixed climbing at the slopes of French and Italian Alps. He has been a member of the board of the directors in cultural mountaineering club (Fylis) where he is volunteeringly in charge of firefighting and on the the organisation of climbing festivals at west Parnitha. Also he has worked as a climbing instructor at gyms and indoor climbing gyms with his athletes wining metals in Greek championships of competitive climbing. The last few years he lives in Nauplio where with cooperation of the municipality of the city he organises the maintenance of existing routes and the bolting of new climbing routes in the area with the goal being the development of sport climbing in Greece for the new generations and to create a touristic attraction for the country. For him rock climbing is a way of life.


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