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The new year is here and everywhere on the network you will find advises that will help you accomplish the goals you want this year, ways to cut habits that are not good for you, steps for a better life, etc. On the holidays I was also scrolling down at the social media and at a point, my system got overloaded with all these positive directions for a better self and how I will make this happen…

Setting goals and intentions is something really helpful for my life, sankalpa as we say in yoga that means the intention of my heart is one of the basic ingredients of the practice, and it is absolutely certain that goals nurture us and add days to our life! Never stop working on what makes your heart beat a little bit faster! Visioning, meditation and the practice itself are tools that help us come closer to what we desire. But do we really know what this is?

The way to succeed in whatever we desire is the magic word “LOVE”. The goal of yoga practice is to love ourself and then through self-love automatically we choose goals that we truly love. This way whatever we put in mind is coming to us easier because we really want it and it is for our own good. For example: if I want to lose some weight I usually think that I don’t like my body, some times we have feelings of abhorrence for our own body, and finally, the weight is not going away… But if I find a way of exercise that I like and I have fun with it, and maybe I need to take care of my diet in order to be better at the new hobby that is good for me physically and also psychologically, then the weight is going away easier because the process results from true self-love.

The question is how will I love myself?

What I have to do?

To love myself first I have to meet me, to know who I am, what are my positive characteristics, what are my negatives, what are my fears, my weaknesses, my reactions to what life brings on my path. The quote “To know the self” that ancient Greeks said is always topical. To own who I am.. That means to own my body, to own my breath, to own my mind. Do you own who you are?

The yoga practices have exactly this for their ultimate goal, to raise awareness and to know the self. Through a methodic practice slowly I build the relationship with myself that evolves gradually, I meet my body through asana, my breathe that must always be there consciously in my practice (in order to connect the body with the mind, because in yoga philosophy mind and breath walk together and my body must have the proper space in order the breath exists) and my mind with meditation. And on that way, slowly, with little and stable steps the miracle happens and I bloom!

In conclusion no advice and definitely none of the 5, 10, 20 steps that maybe suggest you can bring you to your desired outcome except the work you have to do with yourself. The only creature that you have the absolute responsibility and absolute control. Each one of us is different and has his own way! Learn who is this way for you and…

Welcome to your new self!

Welcome to your new life!


Marianna Thimiaki

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