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Yoga philosophy is ancient and at the same time it is timeless. This is the reason why in our times it is one of the most effective tools that the modern man has in his disposal who looks for a balanced and a better everyday life that allows him to evolve.

In this context, it is important to focus in the quality of Ahimsa, which means “non-violence” and how we can improve our everyday life, if we transport it through our yoga practice to the way we act and perceive our life and the world around us.


How non-violence will improve your life

One of the fundamental principles in the yoga philosophy is that each one of us needs to take responsibility of himself and his actions.

Ahimsa, as an idea and as a practice, is the vehicle that will lead you to self-improvement.

Personally I like to perceive and to apply Ahimsa by taking a step backwards. I think that rather than reaching the point of violence and in order to live without it, we need to deal with respect everything around us.

Based on that, in every action that respect or kindness is missing, it does create a fertile ground for the cultivation of a toxic environment of violence.

Living in the fast & modern rhythms, it is not always self-explanatory so that we realise the consequences that our actions and our words have. Maybe, we are not even conscious about the violence that we put our self into. So, the first step is to act with compassion and also to receive it: is to be more conscious in our daily life.

By cultivating observance and awareness to this direction, the profit is double. We learn how to act with respect to the others and at the same time, how to inspect the lack of respect to us, either if this comes from us, or it does come from external sources.

By living our daily life through the prism of respect and maybe through non-violence, we manage to re-emerge and draw the positive side on things, and at the same time we learn to appreciate everything that is truly good for us.

That’s why if Ahimsa becomes a quality that we decide to incorporate in our lives, it helps us to create a balanced environment without toxicity. This kind of environment helps us to evolve as human beings.


What non-violence means…

… to others

In every relationship and interaction with others, it is important to realise when your acts and speech overcome the limits. Maybe you act in a way that hurts their feelings? Be a conscious listener and interlocutor. Act without ego but instead act with pure intentions. The relationship of respect that you build goes both ways, therefore you have improved your life.


… to the environment

Use whatever you need without abusing, and without destroying. Let greed go and adopt a kind attitude to the planet and to whatever is a part of it. Use only what you need and in the quantity you need them. Recognise the wisdom and the value that all the things have, small and big.


… to your body

Eat consciously. Exercise and listen to your body. Let the bad habits go and treat your organism with respect in order to have a good health. Even in your yoga practice don’t overdo it and respect your limitations and your own possibilities. Adopt practices of self-care and treat your body as something sacred.


… to yourself

This is maybe the hardest way to practice non-violence. It takes a lot of work and patience. But when you succeed in it, you have definitely improved your way of living to the best.

Train your mind to let go the thoughts that say that you are not enough and not worthy. Release the syndrome of guilt and love what you are. Respect you emotional limits.

You must be the first one that doesn’t act violently to yourself, and by doing this you will attract people around you that will treat you with the respect you deserve.


I want to say goodbye with the inspiration that each one of us can take a step back and anticipate the acts that will hurt, if we act with respect and compassion to everything and everybody around us.

By changing yourself, you can change the world around you.

Konstantinos Charantiniotis


Read More About Konstantinos Charantiniotis:

Konstantinos is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and devoted father who has dedicated his life to personal transformation.

Teaching and coaching since 1996, with a wealth of experience and practice in health, nutrition and the science of movement, Konstantinos is passionate about awakening people to their unlimited potential.
Known for his playful, intelligent and passionate way of teaching, he has guided thousands of individuals through his classes, trainings and coaching sessions to navigate their daily life with more ease.

Incorporating Yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, and western psychology, Konstantinos’s holistic approach is inclusive and influences all aspects of life. Blending modern science and timeless wisdom in a unique way, he mentors individuals to explore the deepest corners of the inner mind, enabling them to live mindfully and in deep alignment with their values. Through his private Holistic Wellness coaching sessions he invites people to explore the body-mind relationship and cultivate a more balanced life as well as empower them to succeed in their goals.

He also offers tailored Achievement Coaching, Business Trainings and seminars on NLP, communication skills, and goal-setting for companies and organizations.

Living and practicing in Athens, Konstantinos is a widely renowned international teacher and the founder and director of studies at Bhavana Yoga Centre. He travels, leads trainings, workshops, retreats and serves a worldwide community.


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